All About Artwork

Hit there, let’s chat about artwork. As you may know, we offer a FREE design with all of our Bulk Orders.

Why, you ask?

Well, we do this because you deserve to have your own design. And not just any design, but something that’s unique to you and your chapter. The last thing you want is to order the same shirt the chapter across the street from you is wearing. Imagine how awkward that would be. 


Now you’re probably thinking, “Free artwork? That’s awesome! But how does the process work?”. 


Well it’s easy. We’ll ask you a few questions to gauge what you want your design to look like. These are pretty simple questions such as;

  • What style of design do you want? Cartoony, realistic, line drawings, retro style, etc.
  • What type of garment do you want? Pocket tees, long sleeve or short sleeve, tank tops, hats, hoodies, etc.
  • What colors do you want in the design? Brights, darks, Fall colors, grayscale, etc. 
  • etc, etc.

Once we have all of the details we need we send everything over to our in-house graphic artist, Colton, who turns your ideas into reality in 24-48 business hours.

Now depending on the amount of detail we get from you, we may ask that you submit a few examples of designs you like, a rough sketch (don’t worry, you don’t need to become the next Picasso), or a few more details to clarify. Because we try to keep the redos and revisions to a minimum we ask that you give as many details to work with up front. 

Once Colton works his magic your Sales Manager will send you your first proof in 24-48 hours. If you need any changes (we call them revisions), simply let your Sales Manager know. They will relay everything back to Colton, who will whip up the revisions and get them back to you in 24-48 hours. 

Once you’re in love with your design we will send you over a final proof to review and OK. Then it’s off to the production team to turn your design into a quality piece of apparel. 


So what’s the catch? How can you guys afford to create new designs every time someone orders a Bulk Order? Good question - there is no catch, but we do have a few rules that allow us to make this happen.

Each Bulk order includes 1 free proof with up to 3 revisions on that proof. After that we ask that you pay an additional $50 per proof or $20 per revision. Why?

 All of our customers are important to us, no matter the size of the order. We want everyone to have an awesome experience with us, and by limiting the amount of free work we do we ensure that you come prepared with everything we need to get it right the first time, or at least close enough to knock out in a few revisions or less. Speaking of coming prepared, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure we create exactly what you want. 


1. We’re not mind readers. Yes, with technology there are people out there who know more about you than you know about you. Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to what you want for your chapter’s t-shirts. That’s why we ask that you give us as many details as possible, even if they seem insignificant. Having a visual representation to go off of helps tremendously. If you can’t find a design similar to what you want in our Design Catalog or on Google, a quick 5-10 minute sketch can clear up a lot. And to prove that you don’t need to be Picasso, here are a few of our favorite sketches we’ve recieved. 

2. We can’t copy another company’s design. Due to potential copyright infringement, we never copy a design from another company 100%. If you do find a design from another source you want to use, don’t worry - we can still use it. We simply have to change some elements of the design to remove us (and you) from any copyright claims and we’re good to go. If you have questions about whether a design is copyrighted or not, get in touch with us. 

3. Complex designs don’t look amazing on t-shirts. We know this from experience, and we want to save you from having that same experience. Just because it may look good in your head or on paper doesn’t mean it will translate well onto a garment. Don’t worry though, if we feel your design may be a little complex for what you’re ordering we will let you know and give you a few suggestions on how to make it look amazing. 

4. Your entire chapter doesn’t need to design your apparel. Yes, everyone in your chapter may be buying the design - but if you’re in charge of ordering the apparel you need to let them know it’s your job to design it as well, not theirs. Unfortunately this is something we have realized over time: The more people there are who give input on a design, the messier it gets, the longer it takes, and you’re much more likely to have to pay for one or more additional proofs. Keep it simple. Three people, including yourself, should be the maximum number of people working on a design. 

5. Plan ahead. As you can tell by now, creating a new design takes time - but it’s worth it. If you are able to plan ahead, please do so. Go ahead and get your design started early so it’s ready to go before your event starts. For whatever reason, the order quantity usually drops drastically when you place an order after the event has happened. This means that everyone who still wants to order is paying a higher price because the quantities are lower. And if you’re required to wear your shirts at the event it’s always better to get them in ahead of time. 






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