3 Quick Facts About Ordering From An Open Bulk Order

Open Bulk orders are either Group Shipped or Individually Shipped. 

1. Group Shipping orders are shipped to a designated member of the organization hosting the order, usually the t-shirt chair. This is preferred on most orders because we cover the shipping for you! Thats right, you get free shipping. But keep in mind this means you can’t have your order shipped to a separate location. 

2. Individually Shipped orders are shipped directly to you. You’ll have to pay a small shipping charge at checkout, but it’s worth the fee if you want to get in on the order. These orders are usually done when there are people all over the country (like grad brothers and sisters) wanting to order. 

3. PLEASE please please make sure you double check the shipping method for the item you want to order before you checkout. Unfortunately we cannot ship any Group Shipping orders individually (We’ve tried and it’s messy).

If you accidentally order a Group Shipping item and you’re not in the hosting organization, do not live on (or close) to the hosting organization’s campus, or have not arranged for shipping with a member of the hosting organization; we cannot refund your order once the presale closes. 

You can check an open Bulk Order’s shipping type in the product description. 

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